Fixtures and Events 2020

Fixtures and Events 2020

Red = Ladies event    Blue = Mens event    Black = Mixed   Green = Other Fixtures

April 2020

DateOpponentsLeague / FriendlyVenueTimeRinks
Fri 17Captains’ EveningClubhome7.30pm-
Sat 18President v CaptainsClubhome2pmALL
Tue 21Wellesbourne (B)KDLhome6pm3R
Thu 23Chipping CampdenKDLaway6pm3R
Fri 24WWBA Senior VPs dayWWBAhome1.30pmAll
Sat 25EntacoFraway2pm3Tr
Sun 26Banbury Central (B)Frhome2.30pm4/5R
Tue 28Leamington Avenue (B)Fraway6pm5Tr
Wed 29Warwick Boat Club Frhome2pm3Tr
Thu 30 Norgren KDLaway6.15pm3R

May 2020

DateOpponentsLeague / FriendlyVenueTimeRinks
Fri 1Open Day - RecruitmentClubhomeTBA-
Sat 2Open Day - RecruitmentClubhomeTBA-
Sun 3Richmond & BarnesFrhome2.30pm6R
Tue 5Bidford - Bob Dawson TrophyFrhome6.30pm4R
Wed 6Lillington 3CLaway2pm3Tr
Thu 7Kineton SportsKDLhome6.30pm3R
Sat 9Club-only DayClubhome2pmTr
Mon 11Moreton in MarshKDLaway6pm3R
Wed 13Avon 2CLaway2pm3Tr
Wed 13WhitnashFrhome2pm3Tr
Sun 17Oakfield (B)Fraway2.30pm5Tr
Tue 19Fenny ComptonKDLaway6.15pm3R
Wed 20Welford 2CLhome2pm3Tr
Thu 21FISSCKDLhome6.30pm3R
Fri 22Avon Bush Cup (B)Frhome2pm3R
Sat 23Little Compton (B) *(greys)*Frhome2.30pm4R
Tue 26WelfordKDLhome6.30pm3R
Wed 27Warwick Boat ClubCLaway2pm3Tr
Thu 28WWBA v GloucsWWBAhome1.30pm6R
Fri 29Ashcombe Park
Sun 31Club-only DayClubhome2pmAll

June 2020

DateOpponentsLeague / FriendlyVenueTimeRinks
Wed 3Southam (B)Fraway2pm4/5Tr
Wed 3Shipston SportsCLaway2pm3Tr
Thu 4Newbold on StourKDLhome6.30pm3R
Sat 6Entaco (B)Frhome2pm5R/Tr
Wed 10WellesbourneCLhome2pm3Tr
Thu 11SouthamKDLhome6.15pm3R
Sun 14Stratford Ladies Triples Gala-home9.30am6/7Tr
Mon 15Norgren (B)Fraway6.30pm3Tr
Tue 16WelfordKDLaway6.30pm3R
Sat 20Banbury Chestnuts (B)Frhome2.30pm5Tr
Mon 22Avon (B)Fraway2pm3Tr
Wed 24R. Leamington Spa 3CLhome2pm3Tr
Thu 25NorgrenKDLhome6.30pm3R
Fri 26Herald Lg. (D2) Stratford (D3) W. Boat ClubHL-6pm3Tr
Sat 27SouthamKDLaway2.30pm3R
Mon 29BidfordFraway6pm3/4Tr

July 2020

DateOpponentsLeague / FriendlyVenueTimeRinks
Wed 1Avon 2CLhome2pm3Tr
Thu 2SWLBA v SWBASWBAhome2pm6R
Fri 3Herald Lg. (D2) Lillington (D3) BidfordHL-6pm3Tr
Sun 5Aubrey Jaggard TrophyClubhome2pmAll
Wed 8ByeCL-2pm3Tr
Wed 8Welford (B)Frhome2pm3Tr
Thu 9Warwick Boat ClubKDLaway6.30pm3R
Fri 10Herald Lg. (D2) Southam (D3) StratfordHL-6pm3Tr
Sat 11Snitterfield (Includes Jarvis Cup)KDLaway2.30pm3R
Tue 14Warwick Boat ClubKDLhome6.30pm3R
Wed 15Warwick Boat ClubCLhome2pm3Tr
Thu 16FISSCKDLaway6.30pm3R
Fri 17Herald Lg. (D2) Avenue (D3) SouthamHL-6pm3Tr
Sat 18Warwicks Co.Council BCFrhome2.30pm5Tr
Mon 20BidfordFrhome6pm3/4Tr
Tue 21Bidford Bob Dawson TrophyFraway6.30pm4R
Wed 22ByeCL-2pm3Tr
Sat 25WWBA County FinalsWWBAhome10amAll
Sun 26WWBA Finals (reserve day)WWBAhome10amAll
Tue 28Kineton SportsKDLaway6.30pm3R
Wed 29WellesbourneCLaway2pm3Tr
Thu 30IlmingtonKDLhome6.30pm3R
Fri 31Herald Lg. (D2) Avon (D3) WhitnashHL-6pm3Tr

August 2020

DateOpponentsLeague / FriendlyVenueTimeRinks
Sun 2Narborough (Leics)Frhome2pm6 mx
Tue 4AvonKDLaway6pm3R
Wed 5R. Leamington SpaFrhome2pm3/4Tr
Wed 5Lillington 3CLhome2pm3Tr
Thu 6Newbold on StourKDLaway6.15pm3R
Fri 7Herald Lg. (D2) Welford (D3) StratfordHL-6pm3Tr
Sun 9Solihull MunicipalFrhome2pm5/6Tr
Tue 11Fenny ComptonKDLhome6.15pm3R
Wed 12ByeCL-2pm3Tr
Wed 12AvonFRhome2pm3Tr
Thu 13R. Leamington Spa (B)Frhome6.15pm4Tr
Fri 14Herald Lg. All divs R. Leamington SpaHLaway6pm3Tr
Sat 15Warwicks Co.CouncilFraway10am5Tr
Sun 16SWBA Read Trophy GalaSWBAhome2pm6R
Mon 17Moreton-in-MarchKDLhome6pm3R
Tue 18LillingtonFraway2pm4Tr/R
Wed 19Shipston SportsCLhome2pm3Tr
Thu 20AvonKDLhome6pm3R
Sat 22Snitterfield (includes Jervis Cup)KDLhome2.30pm3R
Wed 26Warwick Boat ClubFraway2pm3Tr
Wed 26Welford 2CLaway2pm3Tr
Thu 27IlmingtonKDLaway6pm3R
Sat 29WellesbourneKDLaway2pm3R
Sun 30Solihull MunicipalFraway2pm5/6Tr

September 2020

DateOpponentsLeague / FriendlyVenueTimeRinks
Wed 2EntacoFrhome2pm3Tr
Wed 2R. Leamington Spa 3CLaway2pm3Tr
Mon 7LillingtonFrhome2pm4Tr/R
Wed 9Whitnash (B)Fraway2pm3Tr
Sat 12Chipping Campden (B)KDLhome2.30pm3R
Wed 16R. Leamington SpaFraway2pm3/4Tr
Sat 19Cheltenham (B)Fraway2pm5R
Sat 26End of Season GalaClubhomeTBA-

October 2020

DateOpponentsLeague / FriendlyVenueTimeRinks
Sat 3Crown Green TournamentClubhomeTBA-

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